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Housekeeping at Corporate Headquarters: International Trends in Optimizing the Size and Scope of Corporate Headquarters

Neue Studie des Profilbereichs RoCC (in Engl.)

Alpenpanorama im Hintergrund der Universitätsbibliothek.

Purpose: This international guide on changes at CHQ provides data
and insights on changes in CHQ design over a four-year time period
(2007–2010), as well as on the status quo of recent CHQ design and effectiveness

Surveys: The guide is based on large-scale surveys of 761 of the largest
corporations in 21 countries in North America and Europe. The overall
company-level response rate accounting for 28.4 % of the sample indicates
a large interest in changes at CHQ.

Key findings: The surveys indicate an overall trend towards stronger
CHQ – in contrast to the more prominent cases of CHQ cutbacks frequently
published in the business press. Many companies have tightened
the reins of CHQ and increased CHQ influence over divisional decisions.

The publication can be downloaded for free here.

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