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Institute of Management (IfB-HSG)

Ph.D. Degree

At the doctoral level the IoM engages in the Ph.D. program "Business Administration" and especially in the programm "Strategy & Management".

Laureates at the university of St.Gallen on Graduation Day.


This page provides information on Ph.D courses offered by the Institute of Management and administered through Strategy and Management doctoral curriculum.

We offer the following Ph.D. degree courses:

Chair Prof. Gomez
Semester Lecture No. Lecturer
Spring Organizational Design 10,238 Prof. Dr. Sebastian Raisch,
Prof. Dr. Peter Gomez
Chair Prof. Jacobs
Semester Lecture No. Lecturer
Autumn Colloquium:
Practice-based approaches to studying management and strategy
Prof. Dr. Claus Jacobs
Autumn Interpretive approaches to discourse analysis in organization and management studies Prof. Dr. Claus Jacobs
Chair Prof. Lechner
Semester Lecture No. Lecturer
Autumn Theoretical Perspectives in Management 10,222 Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner
Chair Prof. Müller-Stewens
Semester Lecture No. Lecturer
Spring Qualitative Research Methods 10,252 Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt,
Dr. Torsten Schmid
Chair Prof. Schwaninger
Semester Lecture No. Lecturer
Autumn System Dynamics 10,232 Prof. Dr. Markus Schwaninger,
Prof. Dr. Stefan Grösser

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