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Institute of Management (IfB-HSG)

Research at the Institute of Management

The Institute of Management aims to achieve rigor research and relevance of research for practitioners. Please find an overview on the projects and related researchers below.

The joint field of research of the Institute of Managemet research team is strategic management. In order to get specific information on a particular research area please see the listed research interests and shortcuts to the chairs of the institute below.

Chair Prof. Dr. Björn Ambos
Chair Prof. Dr. Tomi Laamanen
Chair Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner
Chair Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens

Hereinafter you can find a short overview of our research areas.

Research areas of the Institute of Management

Activity Systems and their Renewal
In recent years, the phenomenon of activity systems has come to the forefront of strategy research. Previous scholars have identified interdependencies between activities as crucial to understand the strategic renewal of such complex systems. However, extant literature provides surprisingly few distinct dimensions of interdependence that characterize activity systems and influence strategic renewal success.

Business Model Renewal in the European Financial Service Industry

Corporate Strategy
Currently the chair emphasis research in corporate management. This includes strategic leadership of diversified multi-business firms from the perspective of corporate management.

Diffusion and Innovation Dynamics

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) 
From the perspective of strategic management we engage in management questions related to mergers and acquisitions of firms. M&A is a mechanism to implement a growth strategy.

Modeling and Simulation - System Dynamics

Performance Implications of Managing Corporate Programs
Multi-business corporations increasingly apply corporate programs to achieve their objectives and create value. With this project we intend to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of corporate programs.

Strategic management
The focal field of research is strategic management. In order to support the teaching we permanently update our textbooks of strategic management, the development of accompanying case studies, and the provision of E-Learning-Programs.

Strategy Professionals

Recently we started to investigate in the role of strategists. Here, we do not only refer to e.g. corporate strategists of the corporate development department or fulltime strategy consultants but also every manager taking strategic decisions as part of its range of responsibilities.


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