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Corporate Strategy & Governance

The Institute of Management offers the following services to students and lecturers in order to use the textbook Corporate Strategy & Governance.

Corporate Strategy & Governance.
Wege zur nachhaltigen Wertsteigerung im Diversifizierten Unternehmen

Günter Müller-Stewens/Matthias Brauer 

1. Edition
744 p., hardback, 2-colored

ISBN 978-3-7910-2854-5

The primary goal of the textbook is to show ways to a multi-business-firm to sustainably create value in accordance with society and environment.
Therefore, the St. Galler Corporate-Management-Model has been developed. This model offers ten central value creating levers.
- Mission, values, vision, and goals of the firm
- its strategic concept as well as the configuration and coordination of the business portfolio
- organization structures, management systems and the interaction style to support the operative leadership of the corporate management

This model, which bases on an integrating and encompassing perspective of corporate management, has been developed on the basis of several research projects and tested and refined over many years in close collaboration with firms. Manifold case studies and various suggestions for an operative implementation provide a strong connection to a firms daily business.

RoCC Management Insights - Video about "Corporate Strategizing: Adding Value at the Group Level" 


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