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Institute of Management (IfB-HSG)

Chair Prof. Ph. D. Claus Jacobs

Claus D. Jacobs is a Visiting Professor of Strategy and Organization.

Claus' research focuses on strategic management and organizational change in general and on discursive practices of strategizing and organizing in particular. His work has been published in Human Relations, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Journal of Management Inquiry, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Long Range Planning, MIT Sloan Management Review, Organization Studies and Scandinavian Journal of Management among others. It received Best Paper Nominations in four consecutive years at the Academy of Management.

His current research project, «Strategy as Discourse – Reconstructing a Social Practice» (see Research Projects for more details) is a four-year, Swiss NSF sponsored project and systematically explores the discursive dynamics and patterns in distinctively different empirical settings, namely for profit, non-profit and public-private partnership. The recently approved follow-up Swiss NSF project - to start in June 2012 - "Seeking Strategic Coherence - Balancing Internal and External Legitimacy in Pluralistic Settings" will explore how organizations in different pluralistic settings strive for the hard to attain balance between internal and external legitimacy as source of competitive advantage.

Cover Jacobs & HeracleusIn June 2011 notably, he published - together with Warwick Business School's Loizos Heracleous - "Crafting Strategy - Embodied Metaphors in Practice" (Cambridge University Press, 2011) in which the authors argue that strategists must learn to complement analytical and convergent thinking with a more creative approach to strategizing that emphasizes synthetic and divergent ways of thinking. The theoretical underpinnings of this approach include embodied realism, interpretivism, practice theory, theory of play, design thinking, as well as discursive approaches such as metaphorical analysis, narrative analysis, dialogical analysis and hermeneutics.

He has co-edited the book «Innovating Strategy Process» (Blackwell Strategic Management Society Series 2005) with Steven Floyd, Johan Roos and Franz Willi Kellermanns. He has been co-editing a Journal of Management Studies special issue on «Strategy as Discourse» - forthcoming in 2011. In the newly formed Special Interest Group «Strategizing Activities and Practice» of the Academy of Management, he serves as Member of the Executive Committee. This SIG has similar rights to a fully fledged division, most notably it successfully run its own program at the AOM Annual Meeting 2011 in San Antonio. More to come!

He is member of the editorial boards of Journal of Management Studies and Scandinavian Journal of Management and serves as ad-hoc reviewer for Academy of Management Journal, Human Relations, Management Learning, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Organization, Organization Studies, Perspectives on Process Organization Studies, UK's Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Leverhulme Trust (UK) as well as for the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

He holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organization from University of Dublin, Trinity College and a Master in Business and Economic Studies from Witten/Herdecke's School of Business. Also, he is a Visiting Research Fellow of the Saïd Business School/Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Daimler Benz Foundation. His work experience includes research fellowships and top management consultancy with Imagination Lab Foundation, Gemini Consulting and private consulting practice on strategy and organization development in for profit, non-profit, health and public sector organizations.

At MBA level, Claus teaches Strategic Management in St. Gallen's Full Time MBA and in St.Gallen's International Study Program (International, non-European visiting MBAs). In St. Gallen's Doctoral Program, he gives research seminars on 'Practice-based approaches to studying management and strategy' and 'Interpretive approaches of discourse analysis in management and organization'. In St. Gallen's Executive Education, he is responsible for the 'Managing Strategic Change' module in both the Essentials of Management Program and the Middle-Managers' Program as well as the 'Crafting Strategy through Embodied Metaphors' module in the Top Executives' Program.

Having been exposed to the Irish culture for three years, his colleagues are still confident that he is able to combine an Irish sense of humour with a German work ethos - and not vice versa...


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