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Institute of Management (IfB-HSG)


The Institute of Management has been strongly influenced by the work on the "St. Gallen Management Model". Today, the institute is especially committed in the areas of strategy, organization theory and design, and financial management.

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St. Gallen Management Model
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hans Ulrich is considered as one of the pioneers in applying a system oriented approach to management theory in the German speaking countries. In particular, this led to the «St. Gallen Management Model», which was first introduced to a broader audience in 1972.

Also the foundation of the management center St. Gallen in the year 1973 can be attributed to an initiative of Hans Ulrich. Formally, it had been an endowment of the society for the advancement of management research at the university of St. Gallen. Thereby, the MZSG specifically served as a institution for executive education. From 1973 to 1977 the center was lead by Cuno Pümpin. In 1977 leadership was assigned to Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik. Due to a management buy-out the MZSG spinned-off as a commercial and from the university detached institution in 1984.

Hans Ulrich died in 1997 in the age of 79. His scientific contributions were appreciated with honorary doctorates of the Universities of Zurich (Switzerland), Augsburg, and Mannheim (both Germany).
Executive education for managers

Executive education for managers
In 1985 the executive education activities were newly configured in the department of «Courses and Seminars», which was renamed «IfB Management Seminars (LINK)» in 1995. Here, we train and develop our participants practitioner orientated and adequately to their current knowledge both in the area of «General Management» and main research areas of our institute. Customized in-house concepts for well known firms lead participants to the Management Seminars respectively lead to local events in Europe, Asia, and America.
Since 2005 the market presentation of the Management Seminars takes also place under the umbrella of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG). The school brings the manifold executive education programs of the University of St. Gallen together and positions the them as a comprehensive package in our target markets.

50 years IfB-HSG
For further details of the historical development of the Institute of Management the anniversary edition can be downloaded which was authored in 2004 due the 50th birthday of the institute. To investigate the following development of the institute please have a look at the annual reports available to download.

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